Sparkling Probiotic Tea

Leslieville's Kombucha Tea microbrewery. Specializing in hand-crafted, small-batch Kombucha Tea. Co-founded in 2015 by Lauren Moore (aka "The Fermentress").

Light, balanced and refreshing with no added sugars or preservatives.

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My absolute favourite Kombucha! None of the sugary artificial flavour I've found in some of the other ones I've tried.

Stacy R

Mississauga, ON


How did I not know Moore was local?! I grabbed these in store, but I'm glad I can get these delivered right to my house now 🤩

Jennifer K

Toronto, ON


The mixed crate is exactly what I was looking for. There were a couple flavours I was unsure of, but now that I've tried them I'm hooked on all 4.

Austin M

Toronto, ON


I have a ton of digestive issues & Moore has made it super easy to say on top of getting enough probiotics. Subscribed 4 life ✌️

Morgan C

Richmond Hill, ON